Representative Clients/Assignments

1. Managing Projects
Jacobs Italia S.p.A.
The Milano office of Jacobs, a large publicly traded engineering and architectural company, hired Axiomaplus to manage a 6 week long sales activity for a world class museum project in Cairo, Egypt.
Jacobs Italia website

2. Design
Kragelj Arhitekti d.o.o.
Kragelj Arhitekti engaged Axiomaplus for two assignments. One was a very quick, one day assessment of an ongoing project that was causing them some concern. We were able to offer several observations and suggestions that helped them later in the project. The second assignment was to provide them with start-up assistance for a project with a new client.

Kragelj Arhitekti also retained Axiomaplus for a long term assignment to help them to improve their operations with an emphasis on project management systems and skill.
Kragelj Arhitekti website

3. Training
Sava Hotels & Resorts d.o.
Axiomaplus was hired to provide sales skills and communication training in 14 training days at 7 of its properties for the sales staff.
Sava Hotels & Resorts website

Chamber of Architecture and Spacial Planning of Slovenia (ZAPS)
The Chamber invited Axiomaplus to lecture, in two sessions, on the topic of how architects can improve their practice by improving their project management skills.
ZAPS website

Helios d.d.
Helios asked Axiomaplus to present a training session at their annual sales conference that dealt with communication skills. The session was presented in three languages using simultaneous translations.
Helios website

Telekom Slovenijae d.d.
Axiomaplus regularly provides training for Telekom's executive support staff in a variety of topics such as communications, customer care, emotional intelligence and stress management.
Telekom website

Merck sponsored Axiomaplus at the Institute of Oncology, Ljubljana to give a multi-session program for doctors of radiology focusing on presentation skills with an emphasis on the use of powerpoint.
Merck website

After an increase in its sales staff, Pfizer asked Axiomaplus to train the new staff in general sales skills as well as practicing sales presentations for specific products.
Pfizer website

Adacta d.o.o.
Axiomaplus trained a group of project mangers in sales communication, stress management, and customer care.
Adacta website

Mavrica (HGtrade d.o.o.)
Axiomaplus provided training for the in-store sales staff by combining sales skills with Mavrica's sales objectives.
Mavrica website

Axiomaplus conducted personal sales management coaching/mentoring sessions.
Boehringer-Ingelheim website

Lek d.o.o.
Axiomaplus customized its PmTen project management program to train 18 project managers and utilized a class website. blog and bulletin board.
Lek website
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